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Modification Of Child Support, Visitation, Or Custody

Like spousal support, the Missouri courts will only award a modification of child support upon a showing of changed circumstances so substantial and continuing as to make the terms unreasonable. If you can prove that your child support would increase or decrease 20%, then you have proved this change. In Missouri, child support calculations are made using Civil Procedure Form No. 14, which considers factors such as:

Each parent’s monthly gross income
Spousal support obligations
Costs such as child care, health insurance, and medical care
The parents’ respective custody and visitation rights

If you need to seek a modification of child support, our attorneys can help you assess all of the relevant factors and perform the necessary calculations to determine and request an appropriate modification.

Custody and visitation rights are determined based upon the best interests of the child. As a result, in order to seek a modification, you will generally need to be able to show that your request serves not only your interests, but your child’s as well. A request to modify a child’s primary residence would be an example of a more significant change that would typically require the court to issue a new order. Custody modifications such as these will often require a modification of child support as well.

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