Family Law Attorneys for Relocation In Missouri


Relocation & Custody

If you are seeking to relocate and need legal help to navigate your current child custody or visitation agreement, Raza & Jones, LLC can assist you. There are a series of legal steps you’ll need to complete in order to relocate, and we are able to work with you to work through the process. We also have experience assisting noncustodial parents that wish to object relocation. Contact our office today in St. Louis for assistance. We’ll talk you through the options and see what we can do to move things forward.

Custodial Parents

Custodial parents may wish to relocate due to a variety of different circumstances, including a new job, or new relationship. The courts will seek to protect the interests of the child, so it can be a complex matter to navigate. Notice must be given to the noncustodial parent in terms of the move.

Noncustodial Parents

Noncustodial parents have rights in relocation proceedings as well. They should receive notice of intent to move, as well as other factual information involved in the situation. The noncustodial parent should also receive any intended modifications for visitation due to the relocation.

Children’s Rights

In Missouri relocation proceedings the court considers the needs of the child in addition to the wishes of the parents. Factors that may be considered include any potential benefits to relocation, as well as the impact of the move on the child’s lifestyle.

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