The initial stages of researching and inevitably obtaining the right attorney to represent your best interests likely feel foreign and overwhelming. Inside knowledge on the process can reduce legal expenses while simultaneously providing clarity on what to expect when venturing this unknown terrain.

Here are some tips for keeping legal fees low from the staff of Jones Family Law Group:

1. Write it down (from Attorney Sarah Wittrock)

Specifically determine your wants and/or non-negotiables.  Those clear and precise goals will be our roadmap as to how to best go to bat for you.  In family law, each story is truly personal and no one knows the details better than you.

2. Start with the truth (from Attorney Stephanie Jones)

Disclose anything and everything. However uncomfortable it may feel, knowledge for your legal team is power. Attempting to hide details will result in costly discovery and possibly bad strategy.

3. Gather your documents (from Paralegal Megan Leesmann).

Take the time to gather and organize the appropriate documents. Additionally, check the formatting your attorney requires. Often, a screenshot from your phone will not provide adequate quality if not first converted to a PDF.

4. Contact your paralegal first (from Paralegal Melissa Day)

Paralegal hourly fees are significantly lower than attorney fees. Think of it like a doctor-nurse collaborative. Unless you are physically under the knife (i.e., in trial), your paralegal is both the gatekeeper and active monitor on the pulse of your case.

5. Plan appointments.  Even (and especially) phone calls (from Attorney Kayte Rossi)

Though it sounds formal, in actuality you’ll get more bang for your buck. In a prepared appointment, your legal team has blocked out a time to singularly focus on your case. Furthermore, it grants the time necessary to conduct research or reach out to the opposing attorney regarding a particular topic prior to your meeting. Thus, they can come to the table with answers vs. requiring a follow-up meeting. If e-mail is your preferred method of contact, give yourself the time to fully jot down as many questions in one e-mail as possible.

6. Don’t be intimidated by a Settlement or Status Conference (from Attorney Matthew Buzz Baumer)

We understand any setting in a court room can feel frightening, however, these are an indication of movement in your case. Movement = finish line. Every case is truly unique; from the individuals themselves to each specific item being divided. Each incorporates a combination of factors that inevitably makes two seemingly similar cases result in two very different outcomes. Here are some variables that make your case unique:
  1. Is it contested or uncontested?
  2. Are there unemancipated children?
  3. Have you already agreed upon the division of assets and debts?
  4. Are you seeking maintenance?
  5. Have you completed mediation?
  6. Do you own a business?
  7. Are you willing to compromise?
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